Response to the COVID-19 in feeding the hunger

Distribution of food materials, sanitizers and masks for survival of migrants, daily wage labours, shelter less people, rack pickers and […]

Swachh schools and online safety

CHILDLINE Khammam is set to launch campaign on “Swachh schools and online safety” in select Government schools in the district […]

Interface Meeting between Key Religious Leaders and Youth Advocates

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Public Awareness Counter on the Occasion of Republic Day

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JUST IN TIME (JIT) By Youth Advocates & CSO’s

GAA CSOs network and GAA youth advocates have done an innovative programme they named it as JIT (JUST IN TIME) [...]

District level Award distribution to the champions

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Celebrations of International Child Rights Week

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Open House at ZPHS Puttakota

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District Level Consultation with Media and Line Departments

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GAA Balabandu Awards Distribution 2017

SCOPE-RD Khammam organised district level Award distribution to the Journalists on 20.11.2017 in TTDC buildings, Khammam. The purpose of the [...]